Navin Sridhar

Hello, world!

Navin Sridhar

Navin Sridhar

Nothing gets done around here without me!

Professional Coder


I'm an experienced coder and web designer. I try to make publishing of successful projects possible.

Websites built: ISA-VESIT & Jupiter Astrological Services.
Aviation Enthusiast


I'm a huge aviation enthusiast and an expert simulator pilot. I'm a holder of a private pilot license with an instrument rating. My dream is to become an commercial airline pilot and fly to scenic locations across the world!

Skills & Experience

Currently undergoing training in the USA to become a commercial airline pilot.

I have a degree in instrumentation engineering.

I am also a web developer and an expert coder.

Proficient at microcontroller programming (I work mostly with Arduinos) in C language. I have experience in providing guidance and hands-on training to beginners and experts.

Also experienced in LabVIEW programming for vision and drive systems.

Internships: Air India Ltd. - Dec 2015 to Jan 2016 & June 2016 to July 2016.

More about me...

General open source software and computer geek.

Excellent technical and language skills.

Past Projects

  • Stewart Platform (6 DOF Robot)
  • A320 FCU for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Using Link2FS)

Why you may want to work with me

art and technology

Aficionado of technology, art and philosophy. I love to combine my art and engineering skills to portray my talents.

Excellent ability to self-teach and work without formal supervision.

Quick learning ability.


Chhedanagar, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 089.